About Flash Roundup

I’m trying something new and want to share it with you. In this space, I’ll consolidate recent flash publications, or at least the ones I know about, in one place. You can set this little newsletter aside and return to it later when you are ready to read.

The fine print: a) I’m just trying this out. Please follow, share, and let me know if you find it valuable. If it doesn’t feel like a good use of anyone’s time, I reserve the right to stop. b) I’ll share the new releases that I know about from the last two weeks. I’m undoubtedly going to miss plenty of good work in the endless landscape of publications. c) I have a personal bias for short fiction and CNF. I don’t have anything against poetry or longer formats, but it isn’t what I’ll share here. d) For now, I only will feature publications that are free and online. e) I haven’t vetted these stories. Please do so yourself with the same caution you would when clicking on anything on the web.

It isn’t about me, but if you want to learn more about who I am, visit my website.