Flash Roundup! #2

Issue 2, Week of February 22

I wasn’t sure if this newsletter would warrant a weekly issue, but here with are with another (((((swell))))) of new flash releases! Thank you to everyone who shared Flash Roundup this week on Twitter and elsewhere, and welcome to new folks!

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In this issue! New pubs from X-R-A-Y Literary Magazine, Nightingale & Sparrow, Autofocus, FEED, Cutleaf Journal, Versification, Beestung, Overheard, and The Boiler.

New stories in Fudoki Magazine, Nurture, Lunate, Flash Boulevard, and Matchbook.

A quick note from your host…

This week I’ve been wrapping two terrific flash workshops, one fiction and one nonfiction. The instruction and mentorship are priceless. I love the collaboration between writers in these online spaces. But I am tired. I have no more words to wring out of my head, no more energy for revision. This feeling, in itself, has been an important learning experience: I’m the kind of writer who is slow and steady. Yes, it’s a good practice to write every day, but for writers like me, I don’t have to write something worth sharing every day; and skipping a day or two is perfectly okay. In fact, taking a break for a week is just fine.

This is why I felt seen when Hellebore shared this:

It’s one of my top goals over the next few months to find a writing (and submitting) pace that feels comfortable for me, rather than forcing myself to fit in some idealistic vision of the writer who constantly churns out new pieces. Plus, I want to make more time for the critical practice of reading new releases in addition to writing my own.

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