Flash Roundup! #3

Issue 3, Week of March 1

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In this issue! New full issue releases from Pithead Chapel, Swamp Ape Review, The Mark Literary Review, Sundog Lit, Dwelling Literary, DIAGRAM, Janus Literary, The Threepenny Review, Cabinet of Heed, Podcast Micro, and The Wondrous Real Lit.

New stories in Hobart Pulp, X-R-A-Y, Reckon Review, Flash Frog, FlashBack Fiction, Okay Donkey, Fractured Lit, Atlas and Alice, and LA Review.

Full Issue Releases

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Twitter avatar for @JanusLiteraryJanus Literary @JanusLiterary
Ok, friends. Thank you for being so patient. Issue 2 is live and can be accessed here:
janusliterary.com/2021/02/. There are so many delightful pieces to enjoy. Thank you to all of our contributors. You should feel proud of your words. Image

Single Story Releases