Flash Roundup! #5

Issue 5, Week of March 15

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A couple editor’s notes:

  • There were so many new releases this week that some got lost on the cutting room floor. Substack gets a little miffed when emails are too long/too big to fit in one file, so I’m forced to edit. I want to share this space with as many writers and free pubs as possible so I’m aiming for no pub/author repeats two weeks in a row. If you have stories out more frequently, I am noticing and will catch you here soon!

  • Really feeling this Tweet (below) while riding the down-slope of rejection over the past few weeks. I’m so grateful for all this great reading and the supportive writing community! P.S. Scroll to the end of the email to read a beautiful piece from Cheryl in Lost Balloon.

In this issue! 

New full issue releases from Red Fez, Your Dream Journal, Middle House Review, Off Menu Press, Plantin Magazine, No Contact, Little Engines, Hecate Magazine, and Paper Crane Journal.

New stories in Reflex Fiction, Ellipsis Zine, Burnt Breakfast, (mac)ro(mic), Passages North, Trampset, and Lost Balloon.

Full Issues

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Finally, Issue Five:
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