Flash Roundup! #1

Issue 1, Week of February 15

How often do you see a new story release and think, “I’d like to read that!” Then you turn back to your conference call or 5-year old or TV show and promptly forget about it entirely. If you’re like me, maybe you use the bookmarks feature on Twitter to track recent releases, and also calls for submission, news stories that sound interesting, stuff to share with my partner, etc. etc. It’s an endless list that’s impossible to wade through.

So I’m trying something new and want to share it with you. In this space, I’ll consolidate recent flash publications, or at least the ones I know about, in one place. You can set this little newsletter aside and return to it later when you are ready to read.

Please read the fine print: a) I’m just trying this out. Please follow, share, and let me know if you find it valuable. If it doesn’t feel like a good use of anyone’s time, I reserve the right to stop. b) I’ll share the new releases that I know about from the last two weeks. I’m undoubtedly going to miss plenty of good work in the landscape of publications. c) I have a personal bias for short fiction and CNF. I don’t have anything against poetry or longer formats, but it isn’t what I’ll share here. d) For now, I only will feature publications that are free and online. e) I haven’t vetted these stories. Please do so yourself with the same caution you would when clicking on anything on the web.

This issue, find February full issue releases from No Contact, The Minison Project, Split Lip Magazine, Waxwing, Longleaf Review, Twin Pies Literary, Bending Genres, Rise Up Review, Tuna Fish Journal, Fictive Dream, Honey Literary, Pollux Literary Journal, Cabinet of Heed & more; plus single story releases from Atlas & Alice, Flash Frog, and more.

Though I only feature free publications, writing is never actually free. I believe strongly in financially supporting writers and editors. Please consider giving to the places that publish stories you love and the writers who craft them.

Full Issue Releases

Twitter avatar for @riseupreviewRise Up Review @riseupreview
Welcome to the Winter 2021 issue of the Rise Up Review!
riseupreview.org/current-issue A new administration does not mean that our work is done. #resistanceisfertile #poetryofprotest #poetry #proseCurrent Issueriseupreview.org

Publications with New Single Stories

Featuring 3-5 publications with daily/weekly releases.

Bummed you weren’t included here? It isn’t personal. Space is limited, and I can only share what I know. Feel free to reach out with content ideas.